Our Medicaid Professionals to help answer your questions, guide you through the process, and ensure you get the help you need from beginning until the end.

Our Senior Care Professionals can help refer you to numerous level of cares including Home Care, Personal Care Homes and Nursing Homes.


Our Medicaid Professionals will help cut your Medicaid Pending time by 60% or more and improve cash flow by ensuring a fast Medicaid approval.

Our Senior Care Professionals will help you with one of the industries biggest obstacles, census. We are always adding Organizations that provide top notch care to our database.


We' ve built a long standing relationship based on trust.

Long Term Care costs in the US is often over $150,000 per year. Medicare and private health insurance will only pay for care at a Nursing Home for a short time and not more than 100 days. For over the last 10 years, we have been assisting clients every step of the way through the complicated Medicaid process. From organizing financials, collecting of the Bank Statements and filling out applications, we can do it all. We are here to answer all of your questions. Contact us for a free consultation.

Because of Sensible Senior Planning I was able to sleep better at nights. I knew that the process for my Uncle’s Medicaid Application was being handled by professionals that I trusted after having a free consultation. I would recommend Sensible Senior Planning to all my friends.

I was told by the Social Worker that I would have to give up 50% of my assets so that my husband can get onto Medicaid. I found Sensible Senior Planning online and gave them a call. I met with Brandon and had a free consultation scheduled for the next day. I learned that with their support, I do not have to give away 50% of our assets or spend it at the Nursing Home. Not only did Brandon guide me, he also did all of the leg work for me while staying in contact.

After exhausting her funds at an Assisted Living Facility, my mother needed to be transferred to a Skilled Nursing Facility. I was referred to Sensible Senior Planning and they assist with the transition to a Nursing Home. They stayed by mys side and guided me through the whole process. When it was time for my mother to apply for Medicaid, Tzivya was efficient and basically took charge of the whole Medicaid process. She always answered my phone call and ensured that I was kept in the loop. I would like to thank Sensible Senior Planning for all of their guidance through this transition.

Sensible Senior Planning has processed 16 Medicaid applications within the last year for my community. Besides for their timeliness, fast approval and great communication, Sensible Senior Planning has been able to balance their concerns with the nursing home’s concerns as well.

My experience with Sensible Senior Planning was exceptional. Their expertise in this field and agility of responsiveness resulted in achieving our objectives. Beyond their broad capabilities, they extended true heart in dealing with our family- essential in all aspects of effective senior care. We are most satisfied and grateful for all their efforts.


Assisting You with the Referral Process for Numerous Level’s of Care


Finding a safe place to call home for your loved one can be a full time job. We have relationships with many Organizations across the States and are here to help. We will educate you on the different Level of Care systems, provide you with recommendations and assist you with the referral process.


Whether you are in a current crisis or you are planning for the future, we are here to help you.