About Us

We are here to help!

Individual Applicant:

We are a Medicaid Planning Company that has been assisting clients and providers through the complicated Medicaid process for over ten years. Medicaid system is different in every state and there are specific options that are applicable to each family’s situation. Our knowledgeable specialists provide valuable guidance on state specific rules to avoid pitfalls and delays.

At Sensible Senior Planning, we support and guide you through the entire application process to ensure the application is submitted and approved as quickly as possible. We act as your representative to the county Medicaid office and advocate for your family to be sure all proper procedures are followed. The team works with you until benefits are approved and begin paying for your loved one’s care. There are times that an Elder Law Attorney is required to ensure a timely and fair approval of a Medicaid application and we can help connect you to a professional who is right for you.

We have relationships with many Agencies across the States and are here to help. Finding a safe place to call home for your loved one can be a full time job. We will educate you on the different Level of Care systems, provide you with recommendations and assist you with the referral process.


Healthcare Organization:

We understand the challenges that Organizations face with their Medicaid approval time. We are here to assist with faster approvals and improve cash flows for the Organizations all without having to pursue paperwork or manage applications. We help confirm eligibility, identify, locate and obtain all documentation and present a 100% complete Medicaid Application. We manage all communication with financial institutions and social services which will free up some valuable time from your staff. What you have to do is, identify residents who may need Medicaid, get updates on their application status and then sit back and enjoy improved cash flow.

We promise to take care… and we will deliver!